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    Ocean freight

    Ocean freight module

    This sub-system is designed in close cooperation with the maritime expeditor. Whether it concerns a simple shipment or consolidated cargo, the ocean module keeps the job under control operationally and financially.

    The integrated document management system is typically adapted for the maritime sector. Dozens of B/L lay-outs are standard and the generator will produce automated instruction sheets and e-mail messages. The job-file keeps all the documents and e-mail messages chronologically.

    Of course, this system is integrated to the local community systems and INTTRA, CargoSmart and Billad. The formats are generated from the job file. The module tracks the status of the containers en route.

    For the shipping line forwarding of the line agent the manifestdata of the ships cargo is integrated with the forwarding job management and the summary declaration for temporary storage.

    Forwarding assistant
    The forwarding assistant will guide you through the business process and keeps your agenda. You keep a clear overview on your to do list.

    Of course the Ocean module integrates seamlessly with the invoicing and accounting. The direct costing module keeps the P&L balance for every job file on an ongoing basis.

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